Evolution of Music ( 1680 AD – 2017) by Vinheteiro

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Evolution of music on piano. Brazilian pianist Lord Vinheteiro plays different styles of music across the ages.

This popular “youtuber” plays beginning from hundreds of years ago, classical music to recent pop music, rock and even dance piano versions.

Some of the tracklist:

Pachelbel – Canon in D Year 1680

Bach – Toccata & Fugue .Vivaldi Four Seasons Year: 1750

Handel Aleluia Boccherini – Minuet – Mozart – Alla Turca Year:1783 – Beethoven – Sonata No 1 – Hayn – Emperor’s Hymn – Beethoven – Fur Elise Year 1810 – Schubert – Military March Year: 1832

Schubert – Miliray March. // Chopin – Tristesse Year: 1832 // Schumann – Traumerrei Year:1838 // Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody N. 2 Year: 1847 // Brahms – Op- 44 No. 4 Year: 1868 // Tchaikovsky – Concerto N.1 Year: 1875 // Satie – Gymnopedie N.1 Year: 1888 //


All of Me piano cover (Constantino Carrera)

All of Me

Pop Piano Covers

Pianist Constantino Carrara plays All of Me (John Legend) on piano.

Constantino Carrara has built a long list of subscribers (467,038 currently) on his Youtube channel where he uploads the latest pop covers on piano.

Constantino Carrara

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