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Learn how to play your first song on piano, first piano lesson for beginners.

Hello and welcome, I’m Joseph Hoffman and today we will be learning some piano basics so you can be playing a song by the end of the video.

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The great thing about piano is the way the keys are beautifully organized. The further you go to the left the lower the sound they make. If we go to the right we get the high notes.

Try experimenting with your own piano. Find any key on the right area of your piano and move your fingers key by key to the highest key of your piano.

Beginners piano method
Beginners piano method

Now let’s try the low area of your piano or keyboard. Find any key again and play one key at the time going down to the last bottom note of your piano.

Check out the patterns. You have probably noticed there are groups of two and three. Two, three, two, three, two, three.

Now that you know where the low and high notes are you are ready to learn how to play your first song.

This song comes from hundreds of years ago in England. A hot cross bun is a special kind of role. Back hundreds of years ago in England the keys selling this bread would sing this song on the streets of England.

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns…

Do Re Mi
Do re mi

Practice singing along with the hand signs explained on the video to train and develop your musical brain.

Mi, Re Do… Mi, Re Do

Notice the repeating notes pattern. You can always top the video to slow down and practice more comfortably.

Hand Position

When it comes to the hands and hand posture playing the piano, make sure that your fingers have a natural relaxed shape instead of flat fingers.

Practice Daily

For kids, teens and adults… Hoffman Academy is a great method for beginners and anyone interested in learning piano from zero.

If you work hard and practice everyday there is no limit on how awesome you can become at piano. All that it is standing from you being a great piano player is practice.

Don’t worry about how long to practice, just get on the habit of practicing every day. Practice every day, no matter how busy or how tired you are. If you do you will see your skills improve. The mkore your skills improve the more fun you will have on this.

Piano Videos

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Happy practicing!

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